About Jenuphar

I have a lifelong love of aromatic plants and essential oils, as well as a long history of using them for healing and spiritual development. Jenuphar is a spiritual name I was given many years ago; its sound is similar to my given name but the vibration is different. I use it here because I enjoy its associations and the sense of freedom it gives from the everyday level of things.

I have spent many years working with herbs in many different ways, through my own garden and also out ‘in the field’ and also showing others how to benefit from them. My relationship with essential oils is a long one, for over 25 years, working with them as an aromatherapist, teacher, writer and formulator…and also exploring them as spiritual tools for opening awareness. It is this latter element that I am offering here.

Life is a journey and there are many dimensions to it. The sense of smell can be a gateway… mysterious and intuitive. Whether I am working with bottles in my creative space, or simmering herbs in oil over a fire as shown below, I am quite literally in my element. I hope my notes and explorations will interest and inspire those on the same path.



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