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This is my favourite time of year… when the clocks go forward and we leap into longer days. I always feel a lift of energy and a renewed interest in my garden which is usually in need of a good tidy-up after the winter. This year I’m replanting my front garden, which means digging out a lot of old herbs like lavender and sage that have gone woody. Even with regular trimming it happens eventually. I like to put fragrant plants in the borders to attract bees and butterflies.

Most people in my street have turned their front gardens into parking spaces… mine is one of the last remaining gardens. What’s funny to see is that later in the summer when all the flowers are out, people stop and look at it because it stands out like a little floral oasis in a sea of cars. I like the fact that people notice it. I know a parking space would be more practical, but I love to come home and be welcomed by the sight of the flowers.

Little green spaces in an urban landscape are very important… and need to be preserved!