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I never feel bothered by Friday 13th. 13 is a number I find fascinating… a prime number, divisible only by itself and one… and it is also a number associated with the Moon, and its 13 lunar cycles. A number for the Goddess…interestingly uneven…!

As the Moon goes through its phases – new to waxing to waning to dark – so feminine energies pass through similar ebbs and flows. Life in today’s world often makes it difficult to stay in touch with these subtle changes which still affect us, nevertheless. Over the years, my work with essential oils has mostly been with women. Fortunately there are many essential oils that work very beautifully to remind me and my sisters of our goddess-selves.

Neroli [Orange Blossom] is one of them. Neroli is a very fascinating essential oil because like the moon, it has three very distinct notes and vibrations. There is a light creamy- sweet floral top note, innocent and carefree like the energy of the maiden. There is a green fresh mid note – full of growth and expanding energy – for the mother energy, the woman in her fullness. Then there is a deep base note with hints of earth and musk, for the wise woman, the mysterious Morgan le Fay in us all…together, these three main notes combine in this beautiful balanced aroma. Neroli is a perfume in its own right.

So here is a little lunar Neroli magic for this number 13 day… šŸ™‚neroli INT