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I love all the ‘Indian’ essential oils for their rich and exotic aromas; a strong favourite has to be Cardamom, a sweet spice full of fire. I love the spice in curries, or cooked with rice to infuse it with flavour, or even boiled in milk as a comforting night time drink in the winter. A friend of mine also brews up Cardamom in her own delicious ‘chai’ tea recipe that she learned in an Indian ashram.

In traditional herbal medicine and aromatherapy, Cardamom is venerated for its restorative warming and restorative effect on the immune system and the lungs, easing chesty coughs and catarrh. It’s a tonic to the circulation as well, a great ingredient in blends for cold hands and feet, or to ease muscle spasm. Like all spices, it is also a wonderful tonic to maintain digestive health.

I reach for the essential oil myself when my spirits are low and my energy is flagging. I like to put it on my heart centre where it spreads its warmth and helps me to breathe deeply, bringing a sense of inner peace.  I’ve also used Cardamom with Rose Absolute essential oil to make a very beautiful rich rose aroma, spicy and deeply fragrant, a tonic for the heart, the emotions, to lift the spirits. It’s a very versatile essential oil, working so well with many different fragrance themes. It will always infuse a blend with vitality and dynamism – the rich cheering aroma gives me energy and courage!cardamom