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It’s one thing to read about an essential oil and what it does, but quite another to explore it for yourself. There is a very easy and fun way to do this just by smelling the scent of the oil in a focused way. It’s a good way to ‘educate’ your nose at the same time – the more you practice this, the more your nose will pick out the main notes in a smell, getting to know the natural complexity of individual essential oils.

Just get comfortable sitting in a chair, preferably in a space without distractions. A little gentle music in the background is fine. Open your bottle of essential oil and put two drops onto a tissue, then put the bottle aside. Let the smell on the tissue find its way into your space as the oil begins to spread out and evaporate. Then lift the tissue up to your nose and inhale the aroma a few times, and put it down on your lap.

Close your eyes, and just keep focused on the aroma. Notice any sensations you may be feeling in your body…just notice, and let them flow. Relax, keep breathing slowly and steadily. If you need to, return to the aroma on the tissue, then put it down again.

As you relax, now just let go and let your mind wander. You may see colours, or even have memories triggered; or you may just stay with sensations. Let the full rich complexity of the essential oil aroma do its work. Calming, stimulating, energising, refreshing, soothing… all these feelings are possible.

When you are ready – make some notes. It’s interesting to compare reactions to the same essential oil  another time. I still do this exercise every time I open a new bottle… and sometimes the results are quite unexpected!gather_ye_rosebuds_while_ye_may_1908