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It pleases me to find essential oils that come from England, my home country. So many essential oils are produced in far-flung locations, which is of course part of their charm, but also means they have to travel a long way to get to me. Of course, this is also because many essential oils come from plants that thrive in very different climates to the UK. Here we are ‘blessed’ with the ups and downs of a temperate location, with even more variations in rainfall over the past few years, and only occasional hot summers.

Roman chamomile [Anthemis nobilis] is a plant that thrives in our temperate climate. Not to be confused with its cousin German or Blue Chamomile, with the well-known ‘daisy’ flower heads, the blooms of Roman Chamomile are creamy white in colour with a delicate golden centre. The whole plant smells apple-like and fresh; a non-flowering variety of this chamomile can be planted to make chamomile lawns, delightfully springy and fragrant under the feet.

Here I sing the praises of Norfolk Oils www.neoils.com who grow and distill a wonderful English Roman chamomile. Soft, apple-like, yet warm and sweet, this is a delightfully soothing essential oil, slightly tinted blue due to anti-inflammatory azulene content. It intrigues and delights the senses, bringing light and a sense of calm relaxation. It makes a delightful massage blend with Sweet Orange – try 5 drops of each in 20ml base oil – to soothe the skin and spirits at the end of a hard day.

The simple aroma of this oil is like rays of warm sunshine… whatever the climate!

roman chamomile