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For some time, I’ve been looking for an orange essential oil that really tickles my palette. In my early years working with oils, back in the early 1990s,  there certainly was a prevalence of better quality citrus oils than we currently see. Since nowadays most widely available citrus essential oils are the by-products of the juicing industry and are produced on a mass scale, it’s not surprising that the quality has suffered. The thing with citrus oils is, they are mostly made up of a single aromatic ingredient called limonene –  sometimes up to 90% or more of the oil – and that final 10 or so % is actually very important. It is what differentiates sweet orange, slightly green mandarin, zesty lemon, very green lime and zesty bitter grapefruit. These delicate notes are the identifying elements that give a citrus oil its character.

I’m happy to say my search has been rewarded… thanks to www.hermitageoils.com

I absolutely love the Blood Orange essential oil from their list… it really is the best I’ve smelled in a very long time. Mount-watering, citrusy and juicy, it just wants to jump out of the bottle.  It has a warm rich sweetness that lasts well, and it works beautifully in blends.

That gorgeous ‘more-ish’ orange smell is inviting, it lifts the spirits, it chases away the blues on a cold grey winter day and reminds me of summer!