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This amazing tree is one of many that secrete resins and gums from inside the structure of the trunk. It has a beautiful circling canopy of elegant leaves. Elemi gum is very thick, whitish-cream in colour, sticky to touch and extremely aromatic. Once on your fingers the scent stays there for a long time.

The essential oil is one of my favourites… delicate, resiny and sharp, lighter than frankincense, more ethereal. When I inhale this aroma it takes me to the etheric realms where my spirit can rest and find peace. I feel very in touch with my own angelic guides and receive inspiration from my teachers beyond the veil.

Also, the resins are ancient materials… loved and used by humankind for thousands of years. There is a theory that our brains ‘recognize’ these ancient smells as part of our genetic memory. Who knows… our distant ancestors roamed the earth for thousands of years before civilization… learning about their environment through direct experience, touching, scenting, feeling different plants, trees and flowers as they went. Strong aromas from these precious trees must always have been attractive and mysterious.

So Elemi is one of my own precious aromatic keys… I love it and use it often.