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While the essential oils in a blend often get a lot of the attention, the bases deserve it too. Essential oils have a beautiful affinity to vegetable carrier or base oils; the two mediums make an exquisite partnership. Since I started working with essential oils a long time ago, the palette of base oils has vastly increased. I’m particularly enjoying exploring dry oils like Chia Seed, with its wonderful rapid absorption, as well as soothing Meadowfoam Seed, or anti-inflammatory Oat Oil. Choosing the right combinations of base oils can be as interesting as selecting the aromas to go in blends. There is something deeply satisfying about these golden oils and the way they smooth and nourish the skin with nutrients and anti-oxidants like Vitamin E.

A favourite combination at the moment is 35mlJojoba, 35ml Chia Seed, 30ml Peach Kernel = 100ml. This makes a gorgeous base – light and quickly absorbed, full of skin-loving essential fatty acids. It works really well as an after shower oil base.

Try adding 15 drops Frankincense and 15 drops Sweet Orange to this combination of oils… shake the bottle, and it’s ready to use. Frankincense soothes and rejuvenates the skin, and Sweet Orange is a bright fresh sweet citrus oil, uplifting and good for the spirits. In the tradition of classical aromatherapy – the scent is as important to the mind as to the body!


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